garachico charcos

The city of Garachico with its port was founded by Genoese banker Cristóbal de Ponte after the conquest of Tenerife in 1496. During the 16th and 17th centuries, Garachico became the main port of the island. Ships loaded with wine and sugar sailed to America and Europe from its port, which made the population of the city progress economically. In the past it was a complementary port that linked over the Villa Apuron (today Santa Cruz de La Palma), Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Luz and Las Palmas with the Peninsula and America.

In 1646, a landslide ended the life of 100 people, also sinking 40 ships. On May 5, 1706 an eruption of the Trevejo volcano, also called Arenas Negras, ended with the golden period of the town. At dawn, seven lava flows descended down the hillside, destroying and burying a large part of the town, especially its port, which was completely covered. In spite of everything there were no fatalities. After this natural disaster the merchants then started using the pier of Puerto de la Cruz and Garachico remained as a small fishing port. The lava flow that reached the sea won the territory territory and created natural pools known as the Caletón.

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