House Museum of Vine and Wines of Tenerife

museo creacion del vino

This museum is located inside a beautiful town that was built by its own inhabitants according to the rules of traditional Canarian architecture, that is, in the form of L. The reconstruction and design of the museum was the work of Don Luis Ibañez, who transformed an old ruined house in the new enclosure where the museum is located respecting its original form and traditional details. This center and museum was inaugurated with the same main idea that today maintains the evolution of the Guanche pottery. Precisely this is what has led him to become the most important museum and pottery center within the island. Here we can admire unusual pieces and discover the authentic aboriginal pottery evolution, from its Berber origin to the popular Canarian pottery and thanks to it you can admire unique pieces of native crafts.

Carretera General Arguayo, 35, Santiago del Teide
922 863 465

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