Teno Rural Park

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he Teno Rural Park is one of the most beautiful natural areas of Tenerife. Traditionally isolated due to its limited and difficult accesses, this mountainous massif of the northwest of Tenerife houses great ecological, landscape and cultural values, the latter representative of the traditional island architecture.

The Teno Rural Park is located in the Teno Massif occupying the northwest area of ​​the island of Tenerife. The park sits on an ancient volcanic mass occupying levels from sea level to the summits, in which erosive processes have modeled its current landscape, forming large coastal cliffs and exposing numerous dikes and pythons that provide great diversity Landscaping to this space.

The last volcanic manifestations channeled its washings through ancient valleys and fossilized some cliffs, opening in the form of a fan when reaching the coast and giving rise to low islands such as Buenavista or Teno Bajo.

The current orography of Teno is characterized by its profiles, valleys such as El Palmar and Erjos and its deep ravines that, like Masca’s, usually lead to small beaches. However, the most representative of the Teno coast are its impressive cliffs, such as Los Gigantes, which reaches over 500 meters high, as well as the low islands and slopes of accumulated landslides on them.

In its interior large areas of laurel and a type of forest vegetation of great wealth survive. The Teno Rural Park is also a sanctuary for many animal species such as the osprey. Precisely, the richness of its birdlife has caused the declaration of the area as an area of ​​special protection for birds.

The ethnographic and historical values ​​come from the architectural heritage, from the archaeological sites and from the traditions that are still preserved in the region. It includes five population entities: Los Carrizales, Masca, El Palmar, Las Portelas and Teno Alto.

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