Catamaran Royal Dolphin “whale watching tour in Tenerife”

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Discover Tenerife’s cetaceans! On board Royal Delfin Catamaran.
Tenerife is the perfect place for Whale and dolphin watching trips to see these animals in their natural, free habitat.

Duration : 04:30 Aprox


We will depart in the Royal Dolphin boat to Los Gigantes Cliffs. The Royal Dolphin boat is designed to offer comfort, space, and luxury to all clients, you can be comfortably seated on the deck and enjoy the open air or in the luxurious bar inside. The bottom of the Catamaran, made of glass, has 10 Sub aquatic TV cameras and 6 screens that allow clients to see dolphins and whales face to face, we offer live images through the main deck screens. All clients can enjoy a refreshing swim at the cliffs while lunch is served with drinks included, a real safari in search of whales and dolphins.

Duration : 04:30 Aprox

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