La Cueva del Viento

cuevas tenerife

he Cave of the Wind is the largest volcanic tube in the European Union and one of the largest in the world, in fact it is the fifth, after a series of volcanic tubes in Hawaii (United States). The cave is located in the municipality of Icod de los Vinos north of Tenerife. This volcanic tube was formed thanks to the Pico Viejo washings, which is located next to the Teide volcano.

It has an extension of more than 17 kilometers in length where we will find three different levels of passageways, all of them full of beautiful geomorphological phenomena, such as simas and lava terraces.

The cave has several bilingual panels where it is explained as it is, within the Visitor Center. There are currently explored and surveyed by the Benisahare Tenerife Caving Group 18 Km. In addition to its great volcanological importance that runs throughout the Icod de los Vinos Valley, it has a great Biological and Paleontological interest. The development of the cave includes other cavities connected to each other, such as the Belén Cave, the Sobrado Cave, the Breveritas Cave, and the Picket Cave. 7 mouths of access to the complex are known.

This cave is also a place rich in archaeological finds of fossils of extinct animals of the Canary prehistory. Bone remains of Lacerta goliath and Canariomys bravoi have been found, a giant lizard and rat now extinct. And in several entrances of the volcanic tube archeological remains of the Guanches, ancient aborigines of Tenerife have been found.

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