El Medano Beach – Granadilla de Abona

playa de el medano windsurf

El Médano, formerly the port of Granadilla, is now a tourist enclave in the south of the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). It has the largest natural beach in Tenerife with about 2 kilometers in length and with little marine depth. This beach of fine black sand is frequently windswept, which makes it an area for windsurfing, kitesurfing and even kite flying. Competitions of these and other sports disciplines are held annually, some of them within the international arena, valid for national, world championships, etc. The beach, which has been deserving of the “Blue Flag” distinction since 2005.

In its surroundings, there is a protected area of ​​166 hectares known as the Red Mountain, a volcanic crater of reddish sands semiarrasado by the erosive action of the sea, with one half emerged and the other half submerged. It is considered as one of the main examples of the inorganic sand habitat of Tenerife. Given the extreme aridity of the area there are birds typical of the eastern islands, such as the Moorish bird, the Marsh terrera, the caraway, the corridor or the lame bird.
Another place that deserves to be mentioned is the Pelada Mountain, a volcanic cone that has a caldera approximately 1 kilometer in diameter. In the conformation of this geological building, successive explosions have been played a very important role as a result of the violent vaporization of sea waters.

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